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Are you using the free version of Canva and you’re considering upgrading to Canva Pro, but you have one burning question: Is Canva Pro worth it?


Just in case you’re new to designing your own marketing collateral, I’ll quickly explain what Canva is.

Canva is an online drag-and-drop graphic design editor that makes it super easy to create graphics like Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, ebooks, logos and pretty much anything you might need for your business.

It has a huge photo, video and font library and it has tons of other design elements, background images, textures and even audio files with background music and sound effects.

There are also loads of templates available for pretty much anything you might want to design so if you’re not very creative, you’ll still be able to create beautiful graphics in no time.

The best thing  about Canva is that it has a lot of functionality available on the free plan and you’ll be able to do the most common tasks like create Pinterest pins and other social media graphics without having to upgrade to Canva Pro.

However, there are definitely quite a few handy features available on Canva Pro.

I love Canva Pro for its huge stock photo library, extra storage and the handy resize function that lets you turn one design into many!


Photos & Videos

Free Canva: Access to 4M photos, videos and elements. You can also upload your own photos or graphics and you can buy premium photos starting at $1.

Canva Pro: Access to the complete photo library. This library has over 60M photos, videos, illustrations, icons and other elements that you can add to your designs for no extra charge.


Free Canva: Access to a limited amount of fonts. You can’t upload your own fonts.

Canva Pro: Access to the complete font library with over 1000 fonts and you can upload your own font files.

Brand Kit

Free Canva: You can’t upload transparent logo files, fonts and you can only create one colour palette with up to 3 colours.

Canva Pro: Easily keep all your designs on brand with Canva Brand Kit. Upload your logo files, fonts and create up to 100 colour palettes with up to 100 colours each.


Free Canva: Access to 8000 templates.

Canva Pro: Access to over 20.000 premium templates.


Free Canva: You can only create 2 folders on the free plan.

Canva Pro: Access to unlimited folders to organise your work.


Free Canva: 1 GB storage.

Canva Pro: 100 GB storage.

Team Access

Free Canva: Share a link to one of your designs via email, for a team member to view or edit.

Canva Pro: Share a link to one of your designs via email, for a team member to view, edit or use as a template. This is a must-have feature if you want to sell Canva templates.

This feature is such an improvement on the “share a link to edit” feature in the free version of Canva. If someone bought your templates and forgot to make a copy before editing (which is so easy to do) they would change your template and your work would be gone!

With the “Share a link as template” feature, they get access to a copy of your template, not the original.

Resize Your Design

Free Canva: If you accidentally created your design in the wrong size you can’t resize it, you’ll have to start your design over again.

Canva Pro: Speed up your design process with the magic resize function. Turn one design into multiple formats with a few clicks. This is a really cool function that will save you lots of time. Have a look how easy it is to magically resize your designs in this video.

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Customers reviews


Canva can be used with no prior graphic designing skills from any device with any configuration. We need to design banners, posters, infographics, Cover letters & many more on a regular basis. Canva has been helping us to do this task with basic knowledge of graphic designing. It doesn't require any high configured computer or any heavy software to run. So, it can be managed easily from any computer & anywhere since the account is automatically synced in the cloud.
Cathy Peters
Graphic designer
The primary way I use Canva for business is to create engaging content for my social media sites and my marketing clients. I am able to organize my own graphic and use the ones that have an affordable cost. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, well as other design needs. It helps me in that is has many uses such as video creations and forms. I use it for personal projects and for clients.
Ariana Foxx
marketing expert
I currently use Canva to create graphics for my organization for events, social media, and our annual ad booklet. We had problems with low-quality graphics being made and Canva offers very easy templates that we can use. It is fast and visually appealing. Also, you can share directly to social media from Canva through the publisher and it makes everything easier.
Michael Henry
graphic designer

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