Interview Ready System Design by Gaurav Sen


  • System Design explained with clear, concise videos. Saves time for your next big interview.
  • Private Account With Access Given to You for Ease.
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An extensive course on large-scale distributed systems by the best in the industry. Everything you need to ace the systems design interviews

  • Develop a deep understanding of system design concepts, by going through multiple examples
  • An organised guide which helps learn new concepts with minimal effort and time.
  • Master multiple concepts like routing, security, caching, decoupling, rate limiting, and much more.
  • Take this course before your interview for a high level of interview preparedness and confidence.
  • Quantify how much you have learnt along the course with the tailored quizzes and assessments.
  • Modern Day examples to work and design which are ready to deploy in real world scenarios.


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